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What is the concept of 'Sandal County'?

Kalidindi Group has constantly strived for providing more value for its customers. The result of which has been the idea of ‘Sandal County'. A project where our customers not only get to enjoy appreciation on their land but also will be benefited by Sandalwood yields in their plot in the long term without any additional investment.

Why Sandalwood?

After a lot of brainstorming and research, Kalidindi Group has arrived at Sandalwood Farming as it is known to provide returns that overwhelm all other plantations like teak etc. Thanks to the huge demand that exists for it nationally and internationally. With the Government of India relaxing the ban on Sandalwood Cultivation and Sale in 2008, Kalidindi Group found this initiative to be an amazing opportunity for realizing extraordinary returns.

We have carried out extensive scientific investigations like soil testing etc., which have proved 'Sandal County' to be having ideal conditions for Sandalwood Farming.

What's more? Sandalwood is so precious that every part of the tree right from its root to the bark is of priceless commercial value.

Is Sandalwood farming legal?

Yes. Many State Governments including Andhra Pradesh realizing the imminent need for bridging the ever increasing demand-supply gap for sandalwood (extensively used in Soaps, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Medicines, Incense Sticks (Agarbattis) and Pan Masala manufacturing industries) while bringing down our dependence of imports and to protect our forests have started to encourage Sandalwood Cultivation and Sale after Govt. of India legalized it in 2008.

What are the basic terms and conditions of this project?

Simple. Own yourself a plot in 'Sandal County', which will be duly registered on your name. Then you will have to enter into a lease agreement with Kalidindi Group where you will be leasing your plot to our company for a period of 15 years enabling us to undertake Sandalwood plantations in your plot. After the expiry of the said period, the amount of yield will be shared between you and the company equally in a 50:50 ratio.

Do I have to invest anything other than the plot amount?

No. Absolutely not. You don't have to invest a single Rupee for other than the cost of your plot

What would be the time of wait?

About 15 years, but there is enough scope for the plantation to mature in 12 years also. As you are aware it is always advised that investment in land must be made with a long-term vision. And in this case 12-15 years is the most reasonable time considering the exceptional returns you expect to gain at the end of it.

What if the sandalwood crop fails?

Frankly speaking, our customers are not investing a single Rupee towards plantations. So, there are completely insulated from the element of risk. Besides they are on the advantageous side as they have the appreciating land value to back them up.

On the contrary, it's our company which will be investing a fortune in this project right from procurement of plantations to their maintenance till the time of their yield. Not to mention, invaluable time and efforts. This means we are obviously more obligated for accomplishing the project's objective and realizing our investment. And customers must think of it only as a value addition and not a guarantee from the company. All said; we strongly assure you that we will be giving our best to it.

Can I sell my property anytime in between?

Yes, without a doubt. As you have absolute ownership of the plot you can sell it to others at any point of time subject to the condition that the lease agreement must also be transferred on the name of the new owner. What’s more? With the passage of time and as the Sandalwood Plantations grow, your plot will fetch far superior returns as the value of plantations get added to the land value for calculating the sale price.







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