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INVESTMENT IN LAND – A Prudent Choice Forever!

Although there are many traditional investment options available, investing in land is considered to be the safest choice of all. Its limited availability coupled with increasing urbanization and population growth has made land more precious than ever before. What's more? Land is perhaps the only commodity which's value can only appreciate with time and bring invaluable returns in the future. And now is the time you made the right choice!

SANDALWOOD – Precious Forever!

Since time immemorial, Sandalwood has been an integral part of our rich culture and heritage. Thanks to its multi-use qualities, it touches almost every aspect of our lives starting with religion to beauty/skin care products, herbal medicines, fragrances, arts and crafts etc. These are the very qualities which makes it a precious resource with great demand worldwide.

Out of 198 countries in the world only 8 countries are blessed with climatic conditions ideal for growing Sandalwood. And with Sandalwood oil content being the highest in trees grown in our country there is a huge demand, particularly for them across the globe.

Generally, the tree starts flowering between 4 and 5 years signaling the formation of heart wood. And if a tree is allowed to grow for 12-15 years, the heart wood yield will be much higher -anywhere between 20 and 40 kilos- giving way for higher income.

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